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For any observation (infractions, wild fauna in distress), call the emergency number : 06 90 31 70 73 Open 8am-12pm Monday-Friday, and afternoons by appointment. contact@agencedelenvironnement.fr  - 05 90 27 88 18 F ounded in 1996, La Réserve Naturelle de Saint Barthélemy is exclusively a marine park that covers an area of close to 3,000 acres, divided into five zones around the island. Since 2013, it has been managed by Saint Barth’s Territorial Environmental Agency. The impact of the reserve is incon- testable. In terms of the French Antilles, the population of juvenile feeding sea turtles is one of the most important in the region. In the island’s large lagoon in Grand-Cul- de-Sac, 120 turtles have been identified since 2020. Nine species of shark and three species of rays frequent the waters of this marine park, which also shelters rare species such as Zawag parrotfish and several species of grouper. It also has the largest colony of elkhorn coral. La Réserve Naturelle Ecological moorings are available for visitors at various dive sites as well as in the bays of Colombier and Fourchue. These are the only two bays that are partially open to overnight anchoring only for boats under 25 meters (82 feet), 96 consecutive hours maximum. 40 recreational buoys: 25m / 20t - 96 consecutive hours maximum. 23 dive buoys: 15m/10t - 2.5 hours max - sailboats prohibited For all ships, it is mandatory to subscribe to an insurance with ‘removal and destruction” clause included. Mooring Buoys T he island of Saint Barthélemy has its own regulations. A free fishing permit, which can be obtained from the Territorial Environmental Agency, is obligatory for all recreational fishing. To get details on all current rules and regulations, scan the QR code or enter https://sbhfauneobs.blogspot.com/p/liens-utiles.html . Fishing Regulations 135 Saint-Barthélemy