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M aintained by the Saba Conservation Foundation, twenty well-marked trails await those who like to hike. The most popular - Mount Scenery Stairway - starts at the entry to the village of Windwardside. Nearby, the Trail Shop has extensive information and maps for the island’s network of trails. Through dense vegetation whose leaves provide shade, a 90-minute excursion leads hikers to the summit of Mount Scenery, a volcano whose last eruption dates back as far as 1640. At the top, large ferns, orchids and mahogany trees are part of a rainforest, with cool, refreshing air. The Elfin Trail follows the historic paths once used by earlier generations who farmed the mountain’s slopes. As the island’s most diverse trail, it takes in  three ecosystems - woodlands, rainforest, and cloud forest. The Ladder, a different excursion, takes you down— and then back up—the 400 steps by which merchandise arriving by boat was carried by mule or manpower in the days before the road was completed in 1958. Near the airport, a small trail leads to the natural Tide Pools, fed by waves lapping against the shore. Another original trail leads to a sulphur mine. More info on https:// www.lovesabadutchcaribbean.com/hiking.html Hiking Trails Mount Scenery © Kai Wulf The Ladder © Kai Wulf