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C reated in 1998, the Réserve Naturelle Nationale (National Nature Reserve) of Saint Martin covers over 3,060 hectares (7,500 acres) in the North-Eastern part of the French side of the island. The marine zone of the Reserve, which comprises 2,900 hectares (7,000 acres), is situated on a plateau that extends between the islands of Anguilla, Saint Martin, and Saint Barthélemy. Saint Martin’s wealth of ecosystems includes mangroves,underwater plant nurseries,coral reefs, coastal forests and salt ponds, which means that the Reserve Naturelle shelters a diversified collection of terrestrial and marine flora and fauna, including numerous protected species. The three primary missions of the Réserve Naturelle are as follows: Management To maintain the biodiversity and the ecological functionality of the protected sites, the management must safeguard the health of the ecosystems. Protection The natural settings within the Réserve are subject to legal protection, comprising a series of regulations adapted to the local context and environmental challenges. Information Only by allowing the largest possible public to appreciate nature and its functions, can sustainable protection of the natural heritage be possible. IMPORTANT…CONTROLLED SITES AND PROTECTED SPECIES 97 Réserve Naturelle